Authorities weren't willing to allow Iranian singer Mehdi Yarrahi to perform his anti-war song at his concert because he refused to change the lyrics.

Iranian singer Mehdi Yarrahi is garnering a whole lot of praise online for what has been labelled as the "right way to protest without violence" by the internet. For his hit song Pareh Sang - that is critical of war - Yarrahi has been censured ever since so much so that officials concerned had even asked the singer to change the lyrics. He refused, though.
But it just doesn't stop at that. At Yarrahi's concert that was held recently, authorities weren't willing to allow him to perform the song because the lyrics weren't changed. Authorities then just played the music at the event. And guess what Yarrahi did after that? He left the stage and a supportive audience ended up singing his "uncensored lyrics."